Friday, 4 May 2012


Chapter 10

Having now experienced several court appearances I can now say that the Justice system in the Family Court is well and truly broken.
I have witnessed a complete and unbelievable turn of events I never thought existed except in a country where the rule of law was controlled by an elite for their own personal satisfaction.
Evidence was presented that proved conclusively that the previous judgment was seriously flawed. Evidence showing witnesses had committed perjury under oath. Evidence showing a child had been abused by members of the local authority. Evidence showed a doctor gave an opinion that was medically indefensible.
Now one would think that with this type of evidence there would be an outcome in favour of the child being returned to the mother.
No, the very opposite happened. The judge decided to ignore the evidence. In fact in the summing up it became very obvious that the judge had in fact never even read the evidence presented.
The mother was blamed for not challenging some of the evidence at a previous court hearing. In blaming the mother for this oversight it showed the evidence presented had never been read. Had it been it would have been seen that at the previous hearing the evidence in question could never have been challenged. The documentation containing the evidence had been withheld by the local authority until after that particular hearing. The express purpose for doing so was that they knew it would have been challenged and their case would have fallen apart. By withholding the documantation the local authority knew it was an unlawful act, an unlawful act ignored by the judge.  Part of the accusation by the local authority was the the child had been considered to be "at risk of neglect" by the mother on a particular date, however, at the time when this "neglect" was supposed to have taken place in the family home the child was in hospital and had been for several days before and after this alleged "neglect" had taken place. There was also evidence presented that the local authority had committed a criminal offence in relation to a potential witness, again this was ignored.
So basically the court and the local authority decided “in the interest of the child” that it was better to leave the child in care where it had been previously abused by the local authority and that this child abuse had been covered up for the best part of a year.
This is the state of British Justice today. Children being condemned to a life of abuse and misery in care rather than the courts and the local authority admitting they have made mistakes.
This system of so call Justice is rotten at all levels, from the Prime Minister down. The politicians with the exception of a very few know this abuse is happening but they refuse to do anything about it. This makes them compliant with the abuse and as such, in the opinion of the author, guilty of child abuse.

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