Thursday, 1 March 2012

Family Court Corruption - Chapter 4

The local authority searched around for more ammunition that they could use against this mother. This digging finally went to the past, a past that was over thirty five years old. Can anyone honestly say that they are the same person as they were thirty years ago? In this case the mother certainly was not because that past went back to when she was three years old. What happened to her at that age was pushed to the forefront and she was asked to explain it. Explain what exactly? Explain something she had no control over. Explain it to people she had only just met, who had no understanding of what they were asking or the damage their question could have done. This incident shows the low mentality of the people that she was dealing with. Using the past like this against anyone deprives the victim, and victim this mother has become yet again, of the ability to live in the present. It causes the suppression of genuine emotions and forces the subject, for that is what this mother is considered to be, a subject, an object, not a human being. It was an attempt to shut her off from the experience of embracing the present. It was a past the mother had fought for years to understand and learned to cope with. A fight that was successful thanks to a professional psychotherapist who worked with her to bring her out of the darkness into a place of safety. The local authority marched in with their jackboots and tried to trample her efforts into the ground. There was no attempt by the local authority to look further than the end of their collective noses. Noses that were in my opinion stuck where the sun does not shine.

In this case it was the baby involved who threw her own unexpected spanner into the works of the local authority. The authority had early on decided that this baby would be one ripe for adoption. She would be easy to place; in the words of one social worker to the grandmother “we have loads of people who will adopt her”. Behind this statement there is more than meets the eye. Here we start to see the true reason of the local authority involvement. It is not about the protection of the child. It is the rush of the local authority to meet adoption targets. Targets that they and many in Government constantly deny exist.
The baby suffered some setbacks when she was born. Several concerns were indicated even before the birth. These were indicators that not all was well. The mother was in a position where she had to decide if she wished to carry the pregnancy to term. It was at this point she showed a determination that no matter what the problems may be she would see her daughter born.
The concerns shown in various prenatal scans appeared at first to be unfounded at birth. Twelve hours later the specter of the previous fears arose and her daughter had to be transferred to the Special Baby Unit. The baby could not feed correctly. Eventually the baby was transferred to another hospital and was diagnosed with a complaint which is not rare but is uncommon and can be reasonably treated by medicine and diet. After another period in hospital she was eventually allowed home. What happened in the period between hospital and being allowed home is what gives great cause for concern.

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