Thursday, 1 March 2012

Family Court Corruption Chapter 1

Corruption in the United Kingdom Family Court System Chapter one

Children, like all human beings, are subject to their own genetic individuality. It is this genetic diversity that makes the application of standard values and statistics in the assessment of a child a practice that should be treated with some suspicion. The application of statistics in relation to the development of a baby is basically an exercise in which the baby is treated as an object. Children are not prone to rules imposed by an unrealistic reliance on statistical analysis.
The idea that any child should reach a certain standard of development by a certain age is frankly something that should be discouraged. It is a vein of thought more akin to the past than to the present. Those who follow the rigid standards based on statistical information are themselves trapped in the past. It is interesting that Albert Einstein did not fit the statistical norm. It is well documented that he did not start to speak until between the ages of 3 to 4. Under the statistical criteria applied to children in general he would have been classed as being developmentally delayed.
What the application of the average does is try (or compels) to squeeze the individual’s biological diversities in the uniformity of a predetermined cultural mould. That there be no individuality and that children should be chosen from a long line at the supermarket. That the idea of natural procreation is flawed because the offspring does not fit into what they have read in their books and manual on childcare. They have forgotten to look at the human diversity of the human race. Without which they themselves would not exist.
It is an adherence to a past that expected individuals to conform to a preconceived strict cultural code of conduct and development. It was a code that buried individuality under the desire of those with authority to control all the thoughts and actions of the population that came within their geographic control. It was a method of applying dictatorial rule over the people. The problem now is that in certain aspects of modern life it appears that these oppressive values are returning and being used by some departments in government to control sections of the community.
There always comes a point when what can be called “the human spirit”, as has been seen in the recent uprisings of the general public in the Arab world, comes to the fore and opposes the authority trying to impose any form of draconian control.
It is the authority that appears to have no understanding of what freedom actually means that will ultimately fall. It is the political will of those voted into a democratic system to look after freedom that will eventually be on trial when they neglect their duties. If they continue to bury their heads in the sand to the plight of the people then the people must eventually move against them.

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