Saturday, 3 March 2012

Family Court Corruption - Chapter 9

Is it now government policy to cleanse the population by snatching young babies from their mothers simply because that mother may have a learning difficulty, or the child has a disability of some sort? Or the parents are poor. Where will it end? Is it the start of an insidious move to form some manner of ethnic annihilation where eventually one will have to apply for permission to have and keep a family? Where one will have to fit into a certain predetermined cultural and political mould before that permission is granted. This is the face of Justice in the UK today? Anyone with children may be dragged before one of these secret courts. No criminal charges are made against you but you can be stripped of your identity and your family. All on the word of a social worker with an inflated opinion of their worth ‘thinks’ may happen in the future! No actual evidential proof has to be offered. The case is built on lies, supposition and assumption and suspect opinion from ‘expert’ witnesses who ‘go where the money is’ it is pure crystal ball justice.

Justice has been gagged as well as blindfolded; she has been turned around to present her back on the innocent. The oppressor has control and will continue in their pursuit of their aims to destroy the family structure in the UK.

You will note that throughout this article the author has never mentioned the name of either the mother or the baby or the local authority involved. That is to protect them from the vicious backlash of the courts if I had. The mother could have been sent to prison for contempt of court for something she has never done and had no control over. The procedure in the Family Court is to strip the mother of her identity, to remove her child’s name from the records. In the majority of cases the Judgment made is never published. This results in massive corruption on a scale that beggar’s belief.
The Director of Children’s Services was approached and given the information that the child had been abused in care by a member or members of their staff. The same information was passed to the elected Council members with responsibility for overseeing the working of the department. So what did they do about this?
Absolutely nothing, they buried their heads deeper in the sand and hoped that the problem would go away. I really hate to have to tell them, but the problem will not go away. So much for their concerns that this is all done “in the interests of the child”.

They are allowing the staff under their control to ignore the law and the child’s right to proper medical attention when she was in their care. There is no use saying they did not know, it is their responsibility to know and take action when wrongdoing is found or suspected and to take the appropriate action to investigate and report the incident to the police. By doing nothing they have become part of the problem, they have by their inaction become liable for any criminal action that may follow.
There has been a systematic misuse of State power by the Police and the Local Authority that has caused a Deprivation of Freedom of this little girl and her mother.
While writing this we have all been aware of the phone hacking scandal of certain sections of the press. However, it now seems that the social services are eavesdropping on private Facebook messenger conversations, in other words hacking into them. Will an inquiry be set up to investigate this, I think not. It only involves the small people, the people with no celebrity clout, the people who do not matter to the political establishment except at elections. In days come past these people were considered ‘cannon fodder’ nothing has changed except the position of the battlefield.
I therefore place this in the public domain for those who read it to make their minds up on the situation within the family courts. The questions that have to be asked are –

  1. Should Family Courts be kept secret or opened to public scrutiny?
  2. Should all cases before a UK court be subject to the strict application of factual evidence?
  3. Should any Justice system in the United Kingdom be allowed to operate behind closed doors without a Jury?
  4. Should those social workers and local authorities operating within the system be exempt from prosecution before the law when it is found that they have lied under oath?
  5. Should those social workers and their employers and the elected council representatives who ignore child abuse by their staff be subject to the full force of the law and be prosecuted?
  6. Should those brought before the Family Courts be allowed the same rights under law to open and honest justice before a jury, to the same degree as awarded to murderers, rapists, terrorists and others accused of committing serious criminal acts? At present those brought before the Family Courts are denied these rights.
  7. In general as those brought before the Family Court system have never been charged with a criminal offence and are there because someone ‘thinks they just might’ do wrong sometime in the future. Should this be allowed?

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