Saturday, 3 March 2012

Family Court Corruption - Chapter 8

The family court system, operating as it does in secret, is open to the most insidious corruption of power the author has ever come across. We constantly hear politicians of all parties condemn other countries for their abuse of Human Rights. They are hypocrites, the abuse of Human Rights of mothers, children and parents in general is happening on a daily basis in the United Kingdom right under the politicians combined blue red and yellow noses.
The Government knows this is going on and does nothing to stop the abuse. The next time a politician whines on television, press or radio about a Human Rights Abuse elsewhere or the cost of public services remember what you have read here. This case, at a rough estimate, will have cost the taxpayer somewhere in the region of £750,000 when all that was required was a new mother to be offered some help and support with her ill baby.
This support may have cost the taxpayer a few thousand pounds at most but certainly nothing in realms of the above amount. The politicians both national and at local level are to blame for this mess; they gave unfettered power to people who do not have the training, intelligence or the basic humane skills to use it properly. We all know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The power the local authorities have been given has produced an arrogance that knows no bounds. Arrogance that allows them to ignore the law and directions given by Judges in court
The yearly bill for this system overall throughout the UK is estimated to be in the region of £3.4 billion a year and rising. Most of this money finds its way into the pockets of solicitors, barristers and expert witnesses. It is not in their interests to expose the system for what it is. A vast out of control gravy train running at top speed over the lives of those unfortunate enough to be caught in its track. The foster carer gets £469.00 a week, yes a week, to look after this child. That's £24,388 .00 a year. If returned to the mother she would get an extra £20.00 a week, £1040.00 a year a difference of £23,348.00.  Here lies one of the problems, the pursuit of profit at the expense of the child. Too many pockets are being lined with easy money. 
This is a system so corrupt and lining the pockets of those involved that the Mafia must be envious. Although I suspect the Mafia operating standards would be too high to contemplate such a system that makes war on new babies, children and their parents. They I feel would have too much respect for “the family”.

The system has been referred to as a national disgrace and has now developed into an international disgrace. In Europe the Family Court system in the UK is referred to as a corrupt money making concern. I take it further than this. It is a system supported by corruption on a vast scale run with the full approval of the British Government. In the last few years this country has gone to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and more recently helped to get rid of Gaddafi in Libya. The excuse for these wars was to rid the world of repressive regimes and dictators.
The self same repressive regime operates freely in the United Kingdom with the full backing of the British Government. It is called the Family Court. On the surface it shows its public face as an organization that is there to protect children. The daily mantra is “the child comes first”. Local authorities constantly hide behind this statement when asked to explain many of their unlawful actions. It is interesting that there are many similarities between this system and the “The Lebensborn Programme”. If you are not familiar with this programme, there is a link on this blog, have a look you may be surprised and shocked by what you find there.
In the authors experience the child caught in the system is of no concern to those administering the system. The main concern is money, local authority employees trying to hold on to their jobs with their inflated wages. They use every excuse they can to hide their real activities. Activities that are supported by the system, supported by corruption within the courts, supported by corrupt politicians and the various corrupt children’s charities who depend on the system to line their own bank accounts. A once respected children’s charity actually made a series of adverts that brought a large number of complaints from the public. They also were banned from broadcasting another series of adverts. Is this the proper way for a children’s charity to act? I think not!
Below I have listed some of the children failed by the system. Where was the protection for them when it was needed? Where was the “concern for the children” in these cases? It was elsewhere; looking for vulnerable families where the children would be ripe for adoption so that their government set adoption targets could be met and maintained.

We have at present an Adoption Czar who thinks that the whole adoption system should be speeded up. Is his concern about the children? I think not. It is simply a matter of speed to save money. His plan denies the children and their respective parents a voice and their human rights. One has to remember where he came from. The aforementioned charity organization where their advertising was the cause of the greatest number of complaints to the ASA. It is let’s hurry before anyone notices what we are really doing to families and children in the UK.

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